Analytics and Big Data

Our big data and analytics software lets you securely store, explore, and analyze all data types at unlimited scale.

Analytics for business insights in a data-driven world

Analytics, from descriptive to predictive, is key to customer retention and business growth. We offer the information management tools you need to leverage your most valuable business asset—your data—so you can find customer insight, protect your organization, and drive new revenue opportunities.

Retina scan
Organize and analyze all data

Allow your business to manage and analyze all your data with the performance you need and the economics you expect, forever free from underlying infrastructure.

Shield 5
Proactively protect the business

Gain visibility into users, network, data, and applications to anticipate, recognize, and mitigate security threats.

Stopwatch 3
Meet business SLAs and near-real-time performance expectations

Gain insights into your data in near-real time by running queries 50x–1,000x faster than legacy data warehouse solutions.

Cloud gear
Store and analyze data without unnecessary movement or costs

Choose HDFS and multiple cloud object stores to store and back up your cooler data while leveraging the same advanced analytics functions you use for your hottest business data.

Certificate 1
Quality business predictions with machine learning

Perform all data preparation and advanced-model creations on massive datasets with optimized MPP distributed algorithms via SQL with no data movement.

Preferred tools incorporated into latest innovations

Be confident that your investments are protected but you’ll always be able to integrate new technologies. We design with an open architecture and a commitment to open source integration.

Doc find
Find and resolve root causes faster

Help IT identify insights hidden in system silos to resolve root causes of failures faster and improve operational performance by using predictive analytics.

Deciphering and decoding Big Data